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hmm..lately i've been wonderin..i should be more open bout this yaoism of mine(///▽///)
though my frend(very close frend) she said, u been mooning f a girl..but u luv yaoi not yuri(coz im a girl_but more in d body..i believed im somethin else(^.<)

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really now..i got this old habbit starin' @ electric pole:P
dont know why im just luv it..d thickness,how d cable just danglin' n d cenery..lots lots of it that make me wanna stared at it:P
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reduce to nothin'

i got my self wonderin' what a vast world we livin'..
i really wanna see it with my own eyes n i start feelin' envy with people with courage, courage to change..
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goin in

long time not entryin'..(^_^;)my laptop in its mishab mode(T-T) and these days i really miss my freedom to speak..why? coz theres no connection what so ever due to that error above.sadly.